Chris Bowser tips on winning the Buy Box on Amazon

Chris Bowser Tips: Winning the Buy Box on Amazon

Amazon Buy Box

Winning the buy box is important. All sales in Amazon are done through the buy box. In this article, read Chris Bowser tips on winning the buy box. Chris is an expert entrepreneur and teacher in online sales.


Amazon Buy Box


How To Win the Buy-Box

Keep up a good reputation

A seller has to maintain good reputation. This means that he has to have a consistent track record for order processing. Shipping must be done quickly. A lot of buyers opt to purchase through the buy box just because they are confident that they will get their buy quickly.

Prompt customer feedback

Amazon requires customer feedback to be done within 24 hours. If the customer feedback is not done within 24 hours, the seller cannot win the buy box.  Deals which have queries answered within 24 hours have 50% lesser negative feedbacks compared to those which were answered after 24 hours.

Compete where you can on price

Winning the buy box does not mean that you should have the best selling price. It does depend on shipping prices and other costs. There are lots of rules by which you can decide this price. You should base it on competitor prices, your own price limit and the rules that govern their product’s sell.


Winning Buy Box


Keep sufficient stock of the inventory

Customers are happy when their product gets delivered quickly and for this you have to keep a good stock of the inventory. Choose Amazon FBA to fulfill your sale since it provides great infrastructure facilities.

Do processing and shipping on time

Processing and shipping must be done on time. If customers don’t get their products on time, they tend to take action by trying to establish contact with you. This is harmful to your reputation as a seller.

Choose the method of selling

Generally Amazon FBA is the best form of selling on Amazon. Customers can choose between Fulfillment by Amazon, Fulfillment by Merchant, and seller prime for selling.

Ensure good package tracking

Package tracking is one of the most important parameters for sellers to win the Buy Box. Make sure that you track the shipping containers, mail and post conveyance at the time of categorizing, warehousing and carriage to ascertain ownership track record and to support delivery

Work to keep your order defect rate low

If your order defect rate becomes high, it’s an indicator that you are not going to win the Buy Box. Order defect rate is the blend of consumer feedbacks, charge backs, and claims.

It is extremely crucial to win the Buy Box and even better if you stay on top of it. These Chris Bowser tips will surely enable you to win the Buy Box. Chris is an expert in the field of selling on Amazon FBA and eBay. He has sold millions of products on Amazon FBA. He now imparts his knowledge to improve the lives of salesmen who are earning a paltry sum out of their sales. He has created an academy which trains budding salesmen on how to sell on Amazon FBA and eBay.


Buy Box


Facts About Coveted Amazon Buy-Box

Selling products through the Chris Bowser Amazon auction site needs professional experience. Those who have opened their seller accounts recently cannot prosper in auction sales properly without understanding the time-tested methods. Amazon has Buy-box, fulfillment services, terms and agreements, and selling policies. Sellers can understand these things thoroughly when they get involved in the online auction learning center.

Sellers who have opened their account recently on the Amazon auction site should initially fix competitive price tags for the products they are planning to sell. They should also create feedback review systems, blogs, websites, and so forth. Chris Bowser says that ranking in the search engine will improve when the sellers create unique and creative contents. New sellers who do not write articles will get an insight about it in the FBA seminar.

Auction sellers should never adopt negative methods or force clients to buy products from them. Amazon dislikes these types of sales methods. Chris never adopts pressure tactics and only follows time-tested canvassing techniques. He has pushed sales gradually and steadily only through straightforward methods. He will train about selling strategies when students enroll in his FBA training center.

Sellers should follow integrity and honesty to improve sales- Chris Bowser

FBAs who have joined recently should be optimistic about Amazon sales and follow the path of righteousness to attract new customers. They have to supply Amazon products on-time to the customers and canvass the products in a humane way. Sellers can use fulfillment services that are offered by Amazon and focus on their sales.

Amazon will never go out of stock and sellers can create demand for all types of products. However, sellers should understand that customers generally purchase very few items from the Amazon website regularly. The sellers can stock these types of products in large numbers in their warehouse. Sellers should compulsorily do research and survey before selecting the Amazon products though.

People who register at the FBA stores website can become members at FBA hangout, which is becoming very popular. When new sellers register on this site, they will get a free Amazon beginner’s guide manual, Amazon videos, and other publications which will be of use to them.  Amateur salesmen will become popular and do their best business when they read the manual that is distributed by him.

Learn the art of branding, designing, and digital marketing

Branding and designing play an important part in online sales. Customers love supreme-quality brands. When these brands are popular, customers buy instantly with no questions asked. Sellers should create a wonderful brand and design the Amazon products in a showy manner. Learn the latest methods of marketing at Chris Bowser’s Amazon workshop.

Sellers should identify the demographics, psychographics, and price sensitivity. They should also select the best Amazon products. Sellers will understand all these things only when they do market research. They can enhance their knowledge in this field when they sit in on his training center.


Chris Bowser tips on winning the Buy Box on Amazon
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Chris Bowser tips on winning the Buy Box on Amazon
Winning the buy box is important. All sales in Amazon are done through the buy box. In this article, read Chris Bowser tips on winning the buy box. Chris is an expert entrepreneur and teacher in online sales.
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Chris Bowser


  • Roger (#)
    February 13th, 2017

    Hey there!!.Very informative article.How can i win buy box everytime?

    • Kay Gomola (#)
      February 15th, 2017

      if you have low order defect rate.That means few negative reviews then you have high chance of winning buy-box every time.

  • Marry (#)
    February 15th, 2017

    I saw that items that i have been selling is winning buy box so that i started to recieve good sales.But now i see that amazon started to sell the same item which is listed in the buy box for multiple items which i have been selling so that my sales went down a lot.s can you suggest me how can i keep an edge over amazon when they know everything about what you are selling?..
    Thank you..

  • Vida Owusu (#)
    March 3rd, 2017

    How can a new seller win the buy box?

  • Saleh AlMarry (#)
    March 14th, 2017

    Hello chris bowser!.i heard that amazon workshop conducted by you is awesome.Can you suggest me some more strategies that every seller has to follow inorder to win buy box?

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