Chris Bowser seminar on ecommerce shifts to be followed in 2017

Chris Bowser Seminar: Ecommerce Shifts to be Followed in 2017


With the advancements in technology, the ways in which people shop are changing constantly. Many years ahead, there may not be any brick and mortar shopping manual money transactions. At the present, significant discoveries and improvements in technology are hitting the world of e-commerce in a big way. Chris Bowser, an online entrepreneur and mentor, gives a seminar on emerging e-commerce trends for 2017. The Chris Bowser seminar contains valuable information.

Signal-powered analytics

These have shown massive improvements. Signal powered analytic tools use tracking signals to bring about website conversions and to comprehend patterns in audience behavior. Online sellers can make significant improvements in sales and conversions using these tools.

Conversational e-commerce with Chatbots

Customers have bots for booking, shopping, and customer service on Facebook. They don’t have to do research or wait for a customer care executive to assist them. They can have a great ecommerce shopping experience with the help of programmed Chatbots on Facebook instead.


Mobiles are rapidly increasing in power. It’s common to see advertisements for new mobiles every now and then. The latest technologies have already increased in mobile rather than desktop traffic. There is something called the “mobile first index,” which is invented by Google to prevent the evaluation of the desktop version of the site’s content for ranking pages. This type of ranking can lead to issues if the mobile content is less. The new algorithm is going to remove these hurdles. Sellers have to make their sites mobile savvy in order to rank their web pages on Google.

Return policies

Customers cannot see and touch what they buy. This is a flaw of e-commerce. They then want to return products if they are not suitable. There are integrated softwares to do this. They combine with your online store and propel customer cordial return methods. Customers can now be much happier and comfortable purchasing products online since they have a guaranteed return.

Same day delivery process

Lots of ecommerce websites are implementing same day delivery. Postmates, a delivery service company, is looking to enable same day delivery through the use of e-tailers. A few other online service providers are siding up with retailing biggies to bring about same day delivery. Customers are willing to shell out more bucks on products when they are delivered on the same day. This applies to a wide range of goods starting from food to point of sales orders.

Personalization of goods

This is a crucial e-commerce trend. Your customer is your first priority and you reap roaring sales when you please them. Customization and personalization are two very important factors in pleasing a customer. Everybody has individual tastes and they feel the most satisfied when these are fulfilled. Customization of products enable the seller to tailor the goods to suit customers’ needs.


These are some of the emerging e-commerce trends for 2017. Sellers can read this Chris Bowser seminar on e-commerce in 2017 to update themselves. Chris is an expert online seller who, along with his brother, Adam, has sold products worth $40 million on Amazon and eBay.

Chris Bowser seminar on ecommerce shifts to be followed in 2017
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Chris Bowser seminar on ecommerce shifts to be followed in 2017
Chris Bowser, an online entrepreneur and mentor gives a seminar on emerging e-commerce trends for 2017.Chris bowser seminar contains valuable information.
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Chris Bowser

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