Chris Bowser Workshop: Amazon Stock and Hidden Value


Though there has been a slump in Amazon shares, we cannot go by the face value as the outcome. It is entirely different when it comes to buying the products. The stocks tend to be overpriced in the world of tepid global economy. However, the revenues and profits are not up to mark. It becomes necessary to find out the right price to pay for Amazon’s stock. Chris Bowser conducts a workshop for new sellers to expound on this topic.

Chris Bowser Amazon workshop

What’s the Right Price to Pay for Amazon’s Stock?

Like other products, Amazon’s stocks also have a hidden value. Chris Bowser explains that the best thing to do is buy the stock when they give an attractive offer. The discounted price is the actual price of the product. Anything above that are the ones which are overpriced. Here are the following ways to get the right price to pay for Amazon’s stock:

  1. When you search for a product on Amazon, the default or the actual price at the top of the black box  shows the lowest price and the shipping speed if they are not third party sellers. Amazon connects with plenty of third party sellers.
  2. To get the best price on Amazon, you should navigate on the list of prices. The products that you select for placing an order, considering the shipping charges and the tax.
  3. In some cases, the new button puts the lowest price next to Amazon’s default price.
  4. For your satisfaction, you may also go through the complete menu and check for the third-party seller’s star rating. If you are looking for the lowest price with a good star rating and get it, you are lucky.
  5. Shopping on Amazon saves you time and money. You need to keep checking the Sunday advertisements depending on the products that you are dealing in.
  6. For the food products and household supplies that belong to the “Subscribe and Save program” you will get the quotations at reasonable and affordable rates. If you regularly place an order in this category, Amazon will provide you free shipping and a 5% discount on the product.
  7. If you want one delivery, you can cancel the future deliveries and after your order still get the discount.
  8. Amazon Prime gives all the members two day free shipping charges on any order and size. All that you need to do is to pay yearly fees of $79. Apart from that, you also get free content, streaming videos, and the right to borrow e-books from the Kindle Owner Lending’s Library. However, it also depends on your habits to decide whether Prime saves you money or not. The other option is to sign up for a 30-day free Prime trial, which confers the benefits of a paid membership. If you feel that your lifestyle does not suit this option, you need to turn off the auto renewal before the company charges you $79.


Amazon offers extra discounts to members on the schemes they offer if you sign-up for the membership.



Chris Bowser Amazon workshop
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Chris Bowser Amazon workshop
The stocks tend to be overpriced in the world of tepid global economy. However, the revenues and profits are not up to the mark. It becomes necessary to find out the right price to pay for Amazon’s stock. Chris Bowser conducts a workshop to the new sellers
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Chris Bowser

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